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Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

Academic intervention services (AIS) are state-mandated services designed to help students achieve the learning standards in English Language arts and mathematics in grades K-12 and science in grades 4-12. These services are based on individual student achievement on both state and local assessments. The intensity of the AIS will vary and is designed to respond to individual student needs as indicated through the district-adopted AIS plan.

Questions concerning academic intervention services can be directed to the student's school. A copy of the current plan is available here.


Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a state mandated tiered model of academic intervention services used to provide early, systematic assistance to children in grades K-4 who are having difficulty learning. RTI seeks to prevent academic failure through early intervention and frequent progress monitoring.

Questions concerning Response to Intervention should be directed to the K-4 building principal. A copy of the current plan is available here.


Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is offered to any student in grades K-12 who has been absent from school for more than ten consecutive days due to a health or physical impairment.

At the elementary school level, the student shall receive at least five hours of instruction per week.

At the secondary school level, the student shall receive at least 10 hours of instruction per week. To the extent possible, at least ten hours of instruction shall be provided per week.

A completed Medical Report of Examination for Home Teaching Services must be submitted to the building principal (grades K-6) or the student's guidance counselor (grades 7-12) before homebound instruction may begin. The form is available in each school.

Homebound Instruction is provided at a location designated by the district.

If you have questions about Homebound Instruction, please contact the school principal (grades K-6) or guidance counselor (grades 7-12).


Universal Screenings

Each of our four elementary schools conducts universal screenings for all students in grades K-4 in the areas of reading and math. These screenings are conducted three times a year, in September, January, and May. If you have questions regarding screenings, please contact your school principal.


Home Schooling

Parents or other persons in parental relation to a student of compulsory school attendance age wishing to home school their child(ren) shall annually provide written notice to the superintendent of schools by July first of each school year indicating their intent to home school. Additional documentation will need to be provided during the course of a school year as per Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

Questions concerning home schooling can be directed to the Student Services Office at 739-5601, x8-4302.


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