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What is a Board of Education?

The Board of Education is the governing body of a school district. The board has the responsibility of developing policies under which the district is managed. The powers and duties of the board are as stated in the Education Law and other applicable New York State law. Complete and final authority on all district educational matters, except as restricted by law, is vested in the board.

The Horseheads Board of Education is made up of nine district residents elected by the community. Members serve three-year terms and receive no salary for their service. The board also includes a student representative who is appointed by the High School to serve a one-year term.


The role of a board member

A board member is a member of the district’s education team. The board’s decision-making authority is as a corporate body only, not as an individual. The Superintendent of Schools, who reports to the Board of Education, is also a member of the team.

Board of Education members are expected to represent, to the best of their ability, the members of the community at large. The Horseheads Central School District Board of Education strives to maintain fair and equitable representation from the communities served by the district. In so doing, board members must be motivated by a sincere desire to serve the community rather than by personal goals or agendas.

A board member should be able to defend his or her philosophy and goals and to withstand the criticism that will inevitably come from people with opposing views. One must guard against confusing what may be a few voices in the community with consensus.

Similarly, one board member cannot know everything about the district and will not be able to answer all questions. Referring people to the correct source for information will be a key role.


Board members have several responsibilities, including the following:

Meeting attendance

  • Try to achieve 100% attendance at meetings.
  • Attend the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) Conference for new board members and/or BOCES-sponsored programs for new members.
  • Attend special board meetings or work-shops (called when necessary for specific purposes).


Professional development

  • Keep up-to-date on education by reading relevant articles on education websites, in NYSSBA publications, and in other articles or journals.
  • Complete state-required workshops and attend board development seminars sponsored by NYSSBA, BOCES, or other organizations.
  • Serve on committees that interest you or are required.
  • Attend school functions as a representative of the board and community and to gain first-hand perspective of the many events and initiatives in our schools.

The major role of the board is to make policy. This is more effectively done when board members are knowledgeable, not just about the district and its activities, but also public education in general.


Time commitment

Board membership requires a significant commitment of time. It is not uncommon for members to spend three to five hours weekly, depending upon the time of year and issues at hand, on board-related matters.

Members are encouraged to be actively involved in order to assist the district in meeting its goals.


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