Athletic Code of Conduct


   In June 2007, the Board of Education adopted a comprehensive code of conduct for student-athletes, coaches, parents, spectators, and officials.

   More than 1,000 students participate in the district's athletic program, and nearly 50 coaches work with student-athletes. They're supported by many parents, family members, and fans, making for an extremely large group of individuals striving for success.

   To that goal of success, groups of student athletes, coaches, and parents began studying the district's athletic program and codes of conduct in November 2006. John Underwood, a consultant from the American Athletic Institute, helped guide the process. Underwood has consulted at schools and universities across the nation. He has worked with Olympians and professional athletes in many sports, and he works extensively with the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

   The groups looked at current procedures, sharing values and standards, and discussing how the program and the code of conduct can be improved. To this point, a code of conduct was in place for student-athletes, and district and league policies, as well as state and national codes of ethics existed for coaches.

   The comprehensive code of conduct brings guidelines for all groups under one all-inclusive document. The links to the left will bring you to the section for each group. There are also links to references.


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